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Classes in English

Yoga Pose


Yoga is a way for us to get in touch with ourselves, our bodies, our breath. It teaches us to pause for a moment, to become aware of what is unfolding around us and within us, to breathe in, breathe out and just be for a while. Sometimes still, sometimes in motion, but always fully present. Yoga leaves us with a strong, flexible body, a calm, open mind, and a happy soul.

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The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method teaches us to become aware of movement and its quality through simple movements and their combinations. Classes work towards developing better coordination of movement, balance and flexibility. Excess tension is released, breathing is improved and there is a sense of lightness in the body. Movement becomes easier and more enjoyable. With regular practice, chronic pain can be eliminated. It improves not only the quality of our movement, but also our overall quality of life. You can find out more details about the method at our teacher's website.

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Just sit back, let it all drift away and sink in. Our restless mind calms down, our tense body relaxes and our soul enjoys its inner silence. 

In our meditation classes we explore our own mental patterns so that we might begin to change them. We learn to work with the breath and how it can help us cope with all the demands that everyday life throws at us.

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