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Classes in English

Yoga Pose


Yoga is a way for us to get in touch with ourselves, our bodies, our breath. It teaches us to pause for a moment, to become aware of what is unfolding around us and within us, to breathe in, breathe out and just be for a while. Sometimes still, sometimes in motion, but always fully present. Yoga leaves us with a strong, flexible body, a calm, open mind, and a happy soul.

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Baby friendly classes

Our baby-friendly language courses are adapted to the presence of children. They take place in an open space room where various toys and mats are available for the children. Distractions are not only anticipated but naturally incorporated into the lessons. The classes are taught by native speakers so knowledge of Czech is not needed. As with other classes, you have the option to come for a non-binding first lesson and then decide if it's right for you and your little one.

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Just sit back, let it all drift away and sink in. Our restless mind calms down, our tense body relaxes and our soul enjoys its inner silence. 

In our meditation classes we explore our own mental patterns so that we might begin to change them. We learn to work with the breath and how it can help us cope with all the demands that everyday life throws at us.

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