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Baby Friendly Introduction to Czech

15:50-16:40 For complete beginners

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Summer Introduction to Czech Designed for Parents with Little Ones Want to begin your Czech learning journey with your child by your side? This is a great opportunity to dive right into it. Join our two-week intensive Czech course and start building a strong foundation for learning the Czech language. Using playful and engaging materials, our teacher Denisa is here to guide you through the basics of the Czech language, helping you build a solid base for further exploration. The main goal of this course is to enable you to start actively using Czech and enhance your communication skills focusing on various situations you may encounter as a parent (medical checks, kindergartens, etc.). The course is adapted for parents with children in tow. It takes place in an open space room equipped with various toys to keep children entertained during lessons. Interruptions are expected and seamlessly integrated into the class. Why choose our course? - Rapid progress: In just two weeks, you will get an introduction to the basics of Czech that you can then build upon. - Overcome speaking anxiety: Our instructor Denisa will help you speak naturally and confidently. - Practical tips: Learn how to improve your Czech in practical life situations. - Pleasant environment: The course takes place in an informal and friendly atmosphere. - Small group setting: Limited to 3-5 participants, ensuring individual attention and ample practice for everyone. What will you gain? - New knowledge and confidence: Learn to actively use Czech in various practical situations that expat parents encounter. - Friendly atmosphere: Meet other families, make new friends and enjoy learning together. - Comfortable setting: Quality teas, coffee, and light refreshments are included in the course fee. Who is the course for? This course is designed for complete beginners with small children (aged 0-4) who are eager to learn Czech and improve their language skills in a friendly and inspiring environment. When is the course? - Week 1: Monday - Thursday (July 1-4) 15:50-16:40 - Week 2: Monday - Thursday (July 8-11) 15:50-16:40 Upon registration, a deposit of 500 CZK is required, with the remaining course fee due on the first day of the course. Places are limited, so if you’re interested, reserve your spot today! After completion of this course, you can continue to build your Czech skills in our regular weekly classes starting in September.

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