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Kurz byl zahájen, ale stále je možné se přihlásit/ Bookings still open

Espresso Italian for Beginners

Thursdays 08:00-08:55 Beginner level

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Ever dreamt of learning Italian? Unlock the doors to the world of this beautiful language with our beginner-friendly lessons! ❤️ Our charismatic instructor, Marco, will guide you through the realm of the Italian language and culture. Specializing in informal teaching, Marco ensures a delightful learning experience. With his approach, learning becomes enjoyable. We leverage various audiovisual aids to bring the beauty of Italian closer to you. Marco naturally encourages active language use in practical situations, ensuring you'll be conversing in no time! Are you an early bird? Our morning espresso Italian lessons will brighten your entire day! Join us starting in January.

  • Začalo 4. 4.
  • 3 000 českých korun

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