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Kurz byl zahájen, ale stále je možné se přihlásit/ Bookings still open

Journey into Yoga Asana

Monday 18:00-19:00

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

A 12-week course that takes your yoga practice from beginner to intermediate. You will be given specific alignment cues and adjustments catered to your body, ability, and flexibility. In the first month, we will breakdown asana alignment and slow down transitions, we will build strength and stability, improve flexibility and learn how to align body, breath and mind while being on our mat. The second month is all about diving deeper into more challenging asanas - backbends, standing balancing poses, binds/twists as well attempting more complex flows. The third month will take us on an adventure of arm balances and inversions. We will incorporate functional strength and core training so you will have confidence to fly in your arm balances and inversions practice. The course is led by our wonderful teacher Athena.

  • Začalo 2. 10.
  • 2 760 českých korun

Máme volná místa / Available spots

Nadcházející lekce / Upcoming sessions

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