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Journey into Yoga Asana 2024

Monday 19:15-20:15

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Embark on a 9-week yoga adventure that turns your basic moves into awesome skills! Meet Athena, our wonderful teacher, who will guide you with tips tailored to your body and abilities. This course is tailored to meet you wherever you are on your yoga adventure. It's designed to welcome beginners and anyone with lingering questions about getting their yoga practice just right. In the first month, we will learn to align our body, breath, and mind while on the mat. Break down essential yoga poses, build strength and stability, and enhance flexibility. Month two is all about tackling trickier poses like backbends, binds, twists, and standing balances. In the third month, get ready for an exciting journey into some cool flows. We will build up your strength and core so you can confidently rock more challenging poses. Come join us for this awesome experience with Athena as your guide, and let's take your yoga game to the next level! Short on time? Explore our Body & Mind section. Athena will distill key insights from this course in two workshops: 'Confidence on the Mat - Unlocking Yoga Alignment' and 'Your Yoga Toolbox.'

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