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Kurz byl zahájen, ale stále je možné se přihlásit/ Bookings still open

Morning Full Body Workout

Wednesday 09:00-10:00

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

This invigorating cardio workout class offers targeted strength training that systematically addresses every muscle group. This class is designed for those aspiring to improve their overall fitness, get in shape, and feel more energized. Our wonderful teacher, Juliana Millan, an experienced personal trainer and yoga and Pilates teacher, uses her extensive knowledge and cool playlist to inspire you to give it your all. Juliana provides personalized cues and adjustments to accommodate your unique body, abilities, and flexibility. In this class, you will nurture resilience, balance, and strength, covering the entire body. Our focus centers on bolstering your core strength for overall body stability. Dive into sequences designed to enhance stability in your legs, hips, and lower back, while also targeting upper body strength, including arms, shoulders, and the upper back. Juliana ensures a balanced practice, cultivating strength while promoting overall body mobility. Join us for this empowering course that promises to leave you feeling fit, toned, and energized, with a newfound strength and confidence in your entire body.

  • Začalo 5. 6.
  • 500 českých korun

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Nadcházející lekce / Upcoming sessions

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