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Termín kurzu nyní připravujeme / We are preparing the course details

Spanish Adventure for Kids

Wednesday 16:40-17:30 For children aged 6-9

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Explore a vibrant Spanish learning experience designed for children with our dedicated instructor, Laura De Sampedro. Our language lessons are packed with engaging games and delightful activities, ensuring an enjoyable and dynamic atmosphere. Laura infuses music into the classes, keeping the sessions lively, which is something children truly appreciate. To provide personalized attention, we limit our class sizes to small groups of 3-6 participants. This ensures ample space for interaction and individualized guidance from our skilled teacher. We prioritize effective communication, empowering children to express themselves confidently in a new language. Embark on your language-learning journey with our trial lessons. In the event of varying language levels within a group, we are committed to splitting the group for an optimal learning experience. If you're seeking alternative class times or exploring lessons for a different age group, reach out to us. We're flexible and dedicated to accommodating your needs. Let's collaborate to create a tailored language-learning plan for your child.

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