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Termín kurzu nyní připravujeme / We are preparing the course details

Yin Yoga: Christmas Edition

Monday 18th December 19:15-20:15

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Indulge in a pre-Christmas escape with our 'Yin Yoga: Christmas Edition' class. This special Yin Yoga session is dedicated to offering a serene pause amidst the holiday hustle. Athena will guide you through a gentle Yin practice, focusing on deep stretches and prolonged holds, promoting relaxation and inner balance. As the holiday excitement builds, this class provides a unique opportunity to center yourself and release tension. Athena's soothing guidance, combined with the calming postures of Yin Yoga, offers the restorative break you deserve before the festive celebrations begin.

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  • 230 českých korun

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