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Your Yoga Toolbox

Friday 21st June 17:30-19:30 First Aid for Tension and Strain

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Are you eager to discover how to alleviate tension and strain from your daily life? Look no further than our "Your Yoga Toolbox: First Aid for Tension and Strain" workshop. Our instructor, Athena, will introduce you to tailored yoga poses and breathing techniques designed to alleviate tension and soreness whether they come from desk-bound routines, sedentary lifestyles, or sports-related strains. Athena's unique approach harmonizes yoga and personal training insights, pinpointing specific areas affected by prolonged sitting or physical exertion. Why not join us for this all-encompassing workshop and equip yourself with practical tools for a pain-free and vibrant start to 2024? It's more than just a workshop; it's an opportunity to say yes to a path leading to a healthier, more balanced version of yourself.

  • Začíná 21. 6.
  • 600 českých korun

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