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Language classes

Our language courses are designed to help you gain confidence in speaking. Classes are held in small groups. The relaxed atmosphere invites you to discuss interesting topics over a cup of tea or coffee.

You will soon feel at home with us and in your new language.

Themed conversation courses

We offer students an informal, cosy, round-table environment that encourages them to practise their language skills. Each course takes students through a carefully designed series of lessons in which they naturally acquire a wide range of vocabulary on a given topic. We work with authentic language and situations, giving everyone maximum opportunity to speak - so your language skills will move quickly to the next level.

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​​Callan method

For beginners and intermediate learners, we recommend starting with the Callan method, which is a great way to get you talking and learning authentic language quickly. The method is based on the principle of repeated questions and long answers. You will be actively using the language from the very first lesson.

Rozvrh jazykových kurzů

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