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You can find our core values here

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Is registration for the course binding?

Can I really join the first class for just 100 CZK?

To enrol in a course you only need to pay a symbolic deposit of 100 CZK. At the end of the first session (or no later than the following day) you will confirm that you want to continue the course. If so, we will arrange payment of the balance. If not, the class you attended will only cost you 100 CZK. 

What are the business terms and conditions?

You will find our terms and conditions and operating rules here.

I have two children of different ages, is there an activity that we can take part in together?

It depends on the age difference. It might be a challenge to come up with an activity that would adequately cater for a 2 year old and a 12 year old. However, we do offer several activities that are suited to siblings. For example, our playful yoga or fairy tale workshop might be a good choice. Get in touch and we will try to work something out.

Can I only join a single class?

Most of our activities are organized in the form of courses with continuity between individual lessons. This arrangement tends to be motivating for clients, as they perceive improvement during the course and gain long-term benefits from regular attendance at the given activity.  

During the courses, the teacher gets to know his/her clients and can adjust the lessons according to their needs.

Our studio is very flexible. We always offer the opportunity to try the lesson without obligation and replace up to two lessons from the course.

If you are interested in individual lessons from a specific course and don't find it in the drop-in class section, get in touch.

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