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Confidence on the Yoga Mat

Friday 14th June 17:30-19:30 Unlocking Yoga Alignment

Detaily o kurzu / Course details

Ever find yourself doing yoga but feeling uncertain about whether you're nailing the poses just right? If so, you're not alone. Join our workshop, "Unlocking Yoga Alignment: Confidence on the Mat," led by our expert instructor, Athena. Do you crave clarity on your yoga journey? This workshop is your compass. Athena's guidance is here to systematically address your questions about alignment in yoga poses. No more uncertainty. No more guessing. This workshop is crafted to unlock those lingering questions in a structured and insightful way, leaving you with a newfound confidence on the mat. Prepare for a session full of "Aha" moments as Athena leads you through the intricacies of alignment, ensuring you not only know what you're doing but also why. Gain confidence, refine your practice, and experience the joy of yoga with clarity. Join us for an enlightening workshop that promises to unveil the secrets of alignment, leaving you empowered and sure-footed on your yoga journey.

  • Začíná 14. 6.
  • 600 českých korun

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